Marble Tile Flooring

The ability to take a very high polish is one of the prized characteristics of a marble tile flooring. Until it glistening in the light and is perfectly smooth to the touch after allowing the material to be shined. Polished tiles will actually glow, with the light of the room penetrating slightly into the stone and then illuminating it with a soft shadow of light in lighter colored marbles.

What to know about marble tile:

Sizes of marble tiles.

Marble is available in slab form but in general, it is not installed on floors. Anything except a perfect installation can result in a slab floor cracking and keep in mind that marble slabs are majorly expensive. In addition, it would be very difficult to repair properly a marble slab floor, and replacement is very pricey.

Marble floor tiles are available in a variety of sizes.

12” X 12” tiles standard size with 3/8” thick in general.

16” X 16” tiles available size with 7/16” thick.

24” X 24” tiles the biggest available size and with ½” thickness.

To almost any size and shape depending on the size you desire, these tiles sizes can be cut down, but it is most cost-beneficial to divide them by even multiples.

Marble Tile Flooring


There are a variety of mosaic cuts often available for marbles. It can be small individual chips or possibly a mesh mounted chips laid on support. You can be able to buy medallions or patterns where the marble colors are arranged on the mesh mount to create attractive and colorful displays in some cases.

Marble Tiles Size Considerations.

The bigger the tile, the fewer grout lines you will have with all tiles floors. The presence of more grout lines will mean that the floor will require more maintenance to keep it protected against stains and water damage because grout is one of the most susceptible parts of a tile floor installation.

Colors of Marble Tile.

There are dozens of different colors available for marble tile. With unique hues existing based on the chemicals that are present when the marble forms, the exact look of each tile is slightly different from any other. Solid and multicolored are two primary types of marble when it comes to color. It will be chiefly single shade, like white, or red for solid marble tiles. For multi-color marble tiles, there are several different colors, which will be exhibited on the surface of each stone contrast.