Edge of Slate Tile Flooring

With a combination of the functional durability of hard tile with the awe-inspiring essence of a towering mountain range, the typical slate has the ability to bring unique and powerful beauty to a flooring installation. Often dependent on the environment where it is being installed, there are both benefits and drawbacks to using this material.

Edge of Slate Flooring

Durable: Slate has an inherent durability that makes it resistant to cracks, scratches, breaks, and chips and is one of the strongest standard natural stone flooring materials. Depending on the environment where it is installed, it does have to be sealed against stains on a regular basis but if correctly and sufficiently maintained, these materials can last for decades, looking as new as was first installed without having to be removed or replaced.

Style: When choosing to slate floor tiles, the sky’s the limit for there are limitless colors and multi colors available. All features found in these materials are a-natural, and thus is unique across each individual piece.

Value: Considered an upscale type of flooring material for a slate. It does have the ability to increase real estate value of a house while its commencing price can be quite lofty, mostly for grade A quality material.

Edge of Slate Tile Flooring

Replacement: As situation may arise, a tile may run-down due to strong impact, weathering, chip naturally or slating over some period.  It is possible to repair the damaged pieces to bring back the surface to the perfection of the floor while this can be deformed and risky.

It is a must have to hold extra tiles over from a fresh install. It can be hard to match new veins to old strains because slate tends to differ in color and actualization.

Heating Systems: Considered as great material for transmitting, if not retaining heat for natural stone and slate flooring. This is a perfect medium for lustrous below surface coil heating systems. Can easily be installed at the bottom of the tile and can aid to not only make the floor summery but the nearby environment, as well, since heat will heave occupying the space.  

Colors: Slate flooring can be purchased either in a solid color or multicolored slate materials. Slate tiles are available in a wide variation that can commend any decorative style scheme. With strong clashing tone washing back and forth across their face, some surfaces can blend in wildly. Although all natural materials have its own independent feature, others will be more hushed.