Ideas For Storage Under Stairs

Having either a small home or a spacious home would still want a homeowner to utilize space for different purposes. It is much more important to have extra space for a small home with lots of family members as each one needs ample space for storage. Whether you have an extra room or not, having an extra space will make you easily decide where to place things. Of course! Decluttering is one best solution but what if you have that space — unused, that just needs a total lift to be as useful as other corners of your home can deliver.

And so, do you really desire to increase storage space, reduce clutter and make your home special, functional and distinctive?

Converting the dead space under stairs into storage under stairs is an option of course if you have stairs at home. There are General contractors in New Jersey that can do the job correctly.

All you need is to use a bit of imagination and bring out your creativity, there is so much you can do with that little bit of space. Whatever strikes your fancy, evaluate on installing bookshelves, a closet, drawers under stairs. There are lots of useful plus fun ways to build a little bit of extra storage utilizing beneath the stairs.

Ideas For Storage Under Stairs

Blank Stair Space

The area under the stairs is usually neglected by the contractor if you belong to the group of homeowners with staircases.

Installing a system that takes a full lead of the available space might be the right time to undo that lapse. You’ll surely add on to your room without adding square footage as you will not only create a personalized storage area.

You don’t have to be an avid reader to find a use for the blank space under your stairs although bookshelves are a common design element for storage under stairs.

Useful Ideas For Storage Under Stairs

There are many useful ideas you can apply to under stairs storage. To determine what would suit best, let the position of the stair guide you:

Sample Ideas:

  • The blank stair space could be turned into a mudroom with divided sections for each family member to hang coats, hats, and keys if the stairs are located in an entryway.

  • Space could be turned to be used as a pantry or a recycling space if the stairs are located in the kitchen.

  • An ideal place to hide a safe or store holiday decorations and off-season clothes if the stairs lead to the basement.