Bathroom Laminate Flooring

Using ceramic floor tiles in bathrooms is a proven and reliable design solution. That is why when someone says it is possible to use laminate flooring in bathroom few people believe it, because everyone knows that laminate is the worst material for a humid room. It was true until recently. But times have changed! So, can you use laminate flooring in a bathroom nowadays? Yes, you can, because waterproof laminate flooring for bathrooms has appeared on the market. Such bathroom laminate flooring is not only moisture resistant but also waterproof, which makes it possible to use it for making floors in bathrooms and kitchens where there is a high risk of water getting onto the floor.

A Small Technological Secret

What is the secret of laminate flooring for bathroom? The trick is that bathroom laminate is made on basis of polyvinylchloride (PVC) rather than fiberboard as conventional laminate. PVC is resistant to direct water exposure. Since PVC base does not absorb moisture, this laminate floor in bathroom does not swell or deform because of humidity affect. The advantages of the new material include ecological compatibility, impact resistance and protection against mold. Such laminate is not slippery and has antistatic physical properties, which means that dust does not accumulate on the laminate in bathroom. Under waterproof laminate flooring for bathrooms you can install floor heating, both water or electrical.

Careful, Do Not Confuse The Words!

Apart from waterproof and “ordinary” laminate there is also moisture-resistant laminate, which occupies a middle position between the first two due to its physical properties. Moisture-resistant laminate is actually based on fiberboard, but it has additional moisture protecting coating. Such laminate wood flooring in bathroom does not have a cellular structure as vinyl laminate flooring for bathrooms, and it is almost twice cheaper. Moisture-resistant laminate can lose its protective properties as a result of prolonged exposure to water and steam as it often happens in bathrooms, and sooner or later you will have to change such flooring. Therefore, when installing laminate flooring in bathroom make sure you don’t confuse “waterproof” and “moisture resistant” laminate. You need to buy waterproof laminate flooring for bathrooms to avoid possible problems in future.

How to Avoid Mistakes When Buying Laminate?

When purchasing a waterproof laminate for bathroom, choose the one with high wear resistance. You will find waterproof laminate with bright glossy surface which has a tile effect when installed. The similarity with tiles will increase if you use small laminate sheets sized 400×400 mm or more. Now you can find laminate flooring for bathroom of various shades and patterns which look like wood, ceramic tiles or marble.

The most important structural element of the waterproof laminate is a locking mechanism. Its quality greatly influences waterproof properties and durability of the flooring. To make locks waterproof manufacturers saturate them with wax. High-quality locking mechanisms are wet and slippery by touch and it is impossible to scratch wax off with your nail.

Manufacturers recommend buying laminate flooring for bathroom of class 32 and 33 in major DIY stores and from well-known manufacturers. High quality laminate will serve you up to 25 years.

Laminate Pros And Cons

The only drawback of laying laminate flooring in bathroom is its relatively high price. Among the most expensive but also high-quality flooring is French, Belgian and German laminate.

Some people are confused by the fact that laminate for bathroom consists of plastic. They fear that water resistant laminate floor will look like cheap plastic tiles. However, reviews of people who have bought this new material and have been exploiting it for a while are quite positive. They note that such floor is resistant to dirt and water, looks great and is easy to clean.

Another positive feature of waterproof laminate flooring for bathrooms is its warmth. It is pleasant to step on it barefoot, unlike cold tiles.

It is quite easy to lay laminate by yourself, but if you are unsure how to do it better consult the experts on how to install laminate flooring in bathroom.