Ideas For Storage Under Stairs

Having either a small home or a spacious home would still want a homeowner to utilize space for different purposes. It is much more important to have extra space for a small home with lots of family members as each one needs ample space for storage. Whether you have an extra room or not, having an extra space will make you easily decide where to place things. Of course! Decluttering is one best solution but what if you have that space — unused, that just needs a total lift to be as useful as other corners of your home can deliver.

And so, do you really desire to increase storage space, reduce clutter and make your home special, functional and distinctive?

Converting the dead space under stairs into storage under stairs is an option of course if you have stairs at home. There are General contractors in New Jersey that can do the job correctly.

All you need is to use a bit of imagination and bring out your creativity, there is so much you can do with that little bit of space. Whatever strikes your fancy, evaluate on installing bookshelves, a closet, drawers under stairs. There are lots of useful plus fun ways to build a little bit of extra storage utilizing beneath the stairs.

Blank Stair Space

The area under the stairs is usually neglected by the contractor if you belong to the group of homeowners with staircases.

Installing a system that takes a full lead of the available space might be the right time to undo that lapse. You’ll surely add on to your room without adding square footage as you will not only create a personalized storage area.

You don’t have to be an avid reader to find a use for the blank space under your stairs although bookshelves are a common design element for storage under stairs.

Useful Ideas For Storage Under Stairs

There are many useful ideas you can apply to under stairs storage. To determine what would suit best, let the position of the stair guide you:

Sample Ideas:

  • The blank stair space could be turned into a mudroom with divided sections for each family member to hang coats, hats, and keys if the stairs are located in an entryway.

  • Space could be turned to be used as a pantry or a recycling space if the stairs are located in the kitchen.

  • An ideal place to hide a safe or store holiday decorations and off-season clothes if the stairs lead to the basement.


DIY Project: Use Broken Tiles

It’s hard to keep all purchase tiles for flooring intact. As much as we wanted to have perfect tiles or no cracks or chips upon shipment, it’s better to accept that in one way or another, a tile may chip. Aside from transport mishaps, tiles placed at home may crack over time so it should be changed to keep the tile flooring as good as possible. Don’t throw those cracked or chipped tile just yet. You can always use it for some DIY projects at your home.

To start the project, decide on what type of mosaic you would like to do. Sketch or draw to help you decide what would be the finished product will look like.

Then, now is the time to get those old and broken tiles that you might have around the house kept to dust.

Once you’ve completed all the pieces, lay them on the surface that you will decorate. You will need to individually glue each piece into place with tile adhesive to execute the project. Voila! A handmade mosaic made of broken tiles is what you’ve produced. Here are two ideas on where to use that broken tile:

DIY Tile Table

With tile or reclaimed wood on top, whatever design you’d like to execute, you can embellish the basic frame as you prefer. You can either use an old wooden table to accent the broken tiles or build your own table. The exact dimensions you want plus it’s something that is totally unique is the benefit of building your own table.

To start the DIY project, make sure the table is ready and clean. Then ready your tile pieces and mortar. Place the tile pieces onto the table according to the shape and design you prefer. Once ready, fix the tile with a thin set mortar applied with a trowel.

The painter’s tape will hold the tile in place and make sure to have an additional strip of tile that will hide the rough edges. Apply grout with a grout float once the mortar is dry. Using a sponge, wipe off excess grout from tile surface and allow grout to dry.

DIY Backsplash

Broken tiles can also be used as a backsplash to accent a portion of kitchen area or even the bathroom.

To start the project, dig your trowel in or putty knife into tile adhesive, and spank it on the wall. Stick with an area at a time that’s about 1 square foot, and on about 1/4” thick of the tile adhesive smooth it out. When installing a backsplash, use a notched trowel as it will generate air pockets that will keep everything secure when dry.

Because the broken tile has different shapes, apply on adhesive to the back of each piece before pressing it into place. You should feel it press firmly into the goop When you stick it onto the wall. Pull it off and apply on some more adhesive if it’s not secure.

If there’s some tile adhesive that globs up between pieces once you press each tile into place, try to wipe it off and scrape it back into the bucket. You’ll save yourself later by trying to keep things as clean as possible since tile adhesive dries like concrete.

Since everything is good, set, and hard as it was let dry for a couple of days, it’s time to apply grout. Follow the direction of the box when mixing the grout. Making sure to push it down into those channels real good, scrape the grout on with the flat edge of your trowel or putty knife. Scraped off the excess. You can use an old rubber spatula to do the scraping. Don’t forget to check for areas with no grout so apply on missed spots. Let stand for a while (10 minutes will do) and use a sponge to wipe off the grout and the broken tiles mosaic will eventually be seen. After sponging off excess grout, wait for 2 hours to set. To polish your backsplash masterpiece, use a cheesecloth or lint-free cloth. There are many different great epoxies and resinous flooring solutions that can save you from having to deal with fixing things grout in the future. Lots of these floors last for years.  Home depot sells some of this as well as



Advantages and Drawbacks of Mahogany Hardwood Flooring

Mahogany wood is recognized as a prime flooring for its characteristics like its hardness and durability. Aside from flooring material, mahogany wood is a fantastic material to create doors, cabinets and other furniture for your house.

You can check Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale for more details and other useful information.

Flooring is one of its popular uses. Mahogany hardwood floors provide a rustic and classic look for your home. Hardwood installation Arizona team also suggests that mahogany hardwood floors also best suits to modern interiors and accentuate your home décor as well.

There are many benefits when using mahogany hardwood as flooring however, there are certain downsides too that’s important to note so that this will help you as guidance in handling this type of material.


  • Compared to other wood like oak or pine etc., mahogany is harder. Mahogany is water resistant having no grooves or pockets and scratch free as well as its nature of hardness and durability.
  • There are slim chances of these planks to be crooked due to heat and other diverse conditions as mahogany wood planks are generally cut from quartered logs.
  • Appearance is the biggest advantage of mahogany hardwood floors. This characteristic of mahogany blends to any type of furniture or any décor of the room.  It makes it the most appropriate choice for most wood flooring experts for it’s textured and beautiful patterns suited for flooring.
  • Mahogany absorbs sunlight thus, it does not fade quickly.
  • As it is reasonably priced, mahogany provides value to the house. Mahogany is a cost-effective replacement for other avant-garde wooden options in the market.
  • Mahogany appears dust free for its dark colored and looks neat and clean most of the time.


  • Mahogany is difficult to cut, give different shapes and have strenuous installation process as it is very hard as compared to other wood. It is recommended to leave to the experts when installing mahogany flooring because the workability is the biggest issue with these wood material. The expert will do the cutting, shaping and look into the whole installation process to avoid damaging the material.
  • The color of the wood becomes more dark overtime as mahogany hardwood floors absorb sunlight. It is suggested to opt for light colored mahogany wood that turns dark in time if you don’t want your dark mahogany flooring to turn darker further.
  • As compared to other flooring materials its characteristics of durability and rarity add to its price.
  • Be cautious when buying mahogany as there are cases cheap mahogany materials is switched and priced to expensive once. Seek the help of the experts if needed to avoid being deceived.


Types of Vents for Flat Roof

There are several different choices when it comes to flat roof vents. A number of these vents are very basic but there is also some decorative flair available. For both cooling off the attic area, and for an efficiently working waste drainage system, ventilation through the roof is vital. On the list are some different types of flat roof vents.

Breather Vent

Attic space can hold a great deal of condensation and this is one of problem encountered. While eliminating any moisture from coming in, the breather vent permits for this moisture to escape. They operate within the attic area with a mass that opens and closes according to the moisture content.

Cant Vent

This type of vent is ideal for installation of linking the roof joists. This can be utilized in an exquisitely flat installation with an integral cant that permits the water runoff. The cant vent can also be utilized in a vertical position.

Pop Vent

Mostly common among many homes that have a flat roof is the louvered pop vent. It either leads air into the attic space, or allow heated air to be eliminated from the attic space with these electrical fans.

Powered Bathroom Vents

The purpose is to help get rid of the steam and heat that’s why most homes have an exhaust fan installed in their bathroom. This can be difficult to install for homes with a sloped roof. As the vent can be situated directly above the bathroom ceiling, having a flat roof is ideal for this type of vent. It can be driven by wind power but mostly, this is electrically powered.

Aura Vent

The aura vent is the ultimate choice for a more low profile type of flat roof vent. To allow the hot air out of the attic at the same time bring in fresh, cooler air, it has a very lustrous design with a rounded head that goes around.

Mushroom Roof Vent

The mushroom vent is another common flat roof vent. Once it is entirely installed, it has the shape of a mushroom. However, it permits moisture to escape and they aid to not only maintain the temperature in reach the attic and roofing system.




Best Ways to Remove Paint From Wood Furniture

Clearing the paint from wood furniture is never simple. Although the work is tedious, yet it can be done accomplished. You will have beautiful wood furniture to be proud of by using the correct tools and materials.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Heat Gun: A heat gun blows enough hot air to make paper immediately catch fire.
  • Purchased Scrapers: Pick up a small variety of inexpensive metal and plastic scrapers.
  • Scrapers: Just looking around the house, one can found familiar items like toothbrush,  old credit cards, teaspoons, and etc.
  • Paint Stripper: A caustic, solvent or biochemical stripper can be used. Lye is used as the main ingredient for caustic strippers and convert the paint into a thick, soapy film. Solvents are the most dangerous type to breathe and ingest but quite effective in loosening the bond between the paint and the wood. There are popular citrus-based products that can be purchased for biochemical strippers. Among the three, they are the safest to use and emit fewer noxious fumes but works the slowest and require more scraping.
  • Lead Paint Test Kit: 3M LeadCheck and D-Lead are the only two available lead paint test kits that were approved to be used at home by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Safety Equipment: For personal safety, purchase thick rubber gloves especially for chemical use, respirator for breathing and safety glasses.
  • Sandpaper: Coarse and fine grain sandpaper can be utilized.

Test Paint for Lead

The U.S. federal government banned the sale of lead-based paint on the consumer market back in 1978 as the lead chemical has been discovered to loads of health concerns, especially among children.

Chances are the greater it will have been coated with lead-based paint the older your painted wood furniture exist. You can test it yourself or send it off to a lab for professional testing by chipping off the correct amount of paint required by the kit.



Edge of Slate Tile Flooring

With a combination of the functional durability of hard tile with the awe-inspiring essence of a towering mountain range, the typical slate has the ability to bring unique and powerful beauty to a flooring installation. Often dependent on the environment where it is being installed, there are both benefits and drawbacks to using this material.

Edge of Slate Flooring

Durable: Slate has an inherent durability that makes it resistant to cracks, scratches, breaks, and chips and is one of the strongest standard natural stone flooring materials. Depending on the environment where it is installed, it does have to be sealed against stains on a regular basis but if correctly and sufficiently maintained, these materials can last for decades, looking as new as was first installed without having to be removed or replaced.

Style: When choosing to slate floor tiles, the sky’s the limit for there are limitless colors and multi colors available. All features found in these materials are a-natural, and thus is unique across each individual piece.

Value: Considered an upscale type of flooring material for a slate. It does have the ability to increase real estate value of a house while its commencing price can be quite lofty, mostly for grade A quality material.

Replacement: As situation may arise, a tile may run-down due to strong impact, weathering, chip naturally or slating over some period.  It is possible to repair the damaged pieces to bring back the surface to the perfection of the floor while this can be deformed and risky.

It is a must have to hold extra tiles over from a fresh install. It can be hard to match new veins to old strains because slate tends to differ in color and actualization.

Heating Systems: Considered as great material for transmitting, if not retaining heat for natural stone and slate flooring. This is a perfect medium for lustrous below surface coil heating systems. Can easily be installed at the bottom of the tile and can aid to not only make the floor summery but the nearby environment, as well, since heat will heave occupying the space.  

Colors: Slate flooring can be purchased either in a solid color or multicolored slate materials. Slate tiles are available in a wide variation that can commend any decorative style scheme. With strong clashing tone washing back and forth across their face, some surfaces can blend in wildly. Although all natural materials have its own independent feature, others will be more hushed. 



Marble Tile Flooring

The ability to take a very high polish is one of the prized characteristics of a marble tile flooring. Until it glistening in the light and is perfectly smooth to the touch after allowing the material to be shined. Polished tiles will actually glow, with the light of the room penetrating slightly into the stone and then illuminating it with a soft shadow of light in lighter colored marbles.

What to know about marble tile:

Sizes of marble tiles.

Marble is available in slab form but in general, it is not installed on floors. Anything except a perfect installation can result in a slab floor cracking and keep in mind that marble slabs are majorly expensive. In addition, it would be very difficult to repair properly a marble slab floor, and replacement is very pricey.

Marble floor tiles are available in a variety of sizes.

12” X 12” tiles standard size with 3/8” thick in general.

16” X 16” tiles available size with 7/16” thick.

24” X 24” tiles the biggest available size and with ½” thickness.

To almost any size and shape depending on the size you desire, these tiles sizes can be cut down, but it is most cost-beneficial to divide them by even multiples.


There are a variety of mosaic cuts often available for marbles. It can be small individual chips or possibly a mesh mounted chips laid on support. You can be able to buy medallions or patterns where the marble colors are arranged on the mesh mount to create attractive and colorful displays in some cases.

Marble Tiles Size Considerations.

The bigger the tile, the fewer grout lines you will have with all tiles floors. The presence of more grout lines will mean that the floor will require more maintenance to keep it protected against stains and water damage because grout is one of the most susceptible parts of a tile floor installation.

Colors of Marble Tile.

There are dozens of different colors available for marble tile. With unique hues existing based on the chemicals that are present when the marble forms, the exact look of each tile is slightly different from any other. Solid and multicolored are two primary types of marble when it comes to color. It will be chiefly single shade, like white, or red for solid marble tiles. For multi-color marble tiles, there are several different colors, which will be exhibited on the surface of each stone contrast.



What to know About Wallpaper

Aside from paint, another useful material to decorate your room is by using wallpaper. It is best used to decorate and cover the walls of homes. Some establishments including offices, buildings or even museums use wallpaper as an interior accent. Wallpapers can be purchased usually rolled and put onto the wall using paste specially made for wallpaper. Wallpaper can be purchased in plain as lining paper and textured with design.

Right Design that suits You
Before purchasing wallpapers, some tips for choosing a wallpaper design:
Horizontal stripes. The design will broaden a room and make the ceiling look shorter.
Vertical stripes. The design will add volume to a room and make the ceiling appear higher.
Light color versus dark color wallpaper. The light background will make a room seem larger, while a darker wallpaper will make a room appear smaller.
Larger pattern wallpaper. The patterns make rooms look smaller are best used for one wall in a bigger room.

Select Your Material
The most common wallpaper available is the vinyl wallpaper. This material is the easiest to install and clean, which makes it great for beginners or those who wanted to do it themselves.
There are two common types of vinyl wallpaper: Vinyl-coated wallpaper and Solid vinyl wallpaper. To install vinyl-coated wallpaper, it can be sponged off with soapy water. The material is sealed with a liquid vinyl and it has a paper backing and paper surface. The solid vinyl wallpaper is totally waterproof and best for kitchens and bathrooms. But this type of wallpaper can be more difficult to remove than other types.
Flocked and foiled are examples of specialty types of wallpaper, which can look great with the right application but they’re more expensive than vinyl.

Check the Area
Since there’s a ton of wallpaper to choose from, selecting the style you want would be hard. It would be easier to know how much wallpaper you need compared to selecting the style you want. Before buying wallpaper, measure your walls together with its length and width in feet. To obtain the total square footage, add all wall measurements. Exclude all doors and windows. Check the roll label for the amount of square foot coverage the roll provides and be sure it is more than your total wall square footage. It would be a better idea if you purchase an extra roll in case you need additional. Its possible to make a mistake that’s why it’s better to have an extra roll. If possible, try to check if you can return unused extra roll of wallpaper to the store.